Day 30, Poem 30 Thank You and Goodnight

It is written and it is true

All good things come to an end
No need to be sad or blue
It’s just the course of things my friend
There is no sadness or sorrow
For each door closed another opens
Just like Annie says tomorrow 
New hopes, new dreams, new friends
So shed no tears at midnight
It’s always darkest before the dawn
Keep on fighting the good fight
Until your last breath is drawn
And when they lay you down to rest
At the end of your long, long day
Know in your heart you’ve done your best
And you’ve nothing left to say

Day 29, Poem 29 as Midnight Approaches

I promised myself that one of my poem would be a video posting. I hope you enjoy it.

Day 28, Poem 28 Even the Odds are Skewed

Ten percent inspiration

Ninety percent slapping mud on the wall and seeing what sticks
Twenty percent of the effort produces
Eighty percent of the results
Thirty percent of the people believe
Seventy percent of the statistics they read
Forty percent more fiber and
Sixty percent less fat
Odds are 50-50
It’s all bullshit either way

Day 28, Poem 27 a moment of consideration

People got their rules

God knows I got mine
People act like fools
Me too, time to time
People think they’re right
Get caught up in their shit
Even this true noble knight
Has acted like a twit
So perhaps we should forgive
Maybe turn the other cheek
Lets then live and let live
And think before we speak

Day 28, Poem 26 Something My Wife Said

There’s a couple  at the party

From cold Vermont, they are fleeing
Tow behind their truck an oven
Making pizzas where’er they stop
She hates the cold and loves the oven
He drives the truck and makes the dough 
Miles they have traveled the places they have been
But come summer time, they go home again


Day 28, Poem 25 Gulf Breezes v. Sunday Night Blues

A cool gulf breeze tempers the day

Battling the sun to have its way 
I got bare feet in the scorching beach sand
And my sweet sweet love is holding my hand
Then my mind starts squawking its Sunday night warning
But it’s still a long long way til Monday morning
My honey stops and sighs and kisses me
And there’s no place on earth I’d rather be

Day 28, Poem 24 Lookin fer Inspiration at the Park

I’m a genius mother fucker!

If there was a bunch a me
It’d be chaos. 
And god’s just sortin’ all this crap out
I’d come back here as some object
That has no clue about the shit you been through
Remember to eat some protein
You got me hooked on almonds
We got some hummus at home
And then… They got in the car and drove away

Day 24, Poem 23 Paracusia

In that moment between sleep and awake
The voice calls my name again
Urgent but not anxious
Like I should pay attention
It used to wake me up
But it doesn’t anymore
I hover there and wait
The voice never says anything more
All these years
Just “Richard”

Day 24, Poem 22 Bad Limerick

There once was a man named Leon
His life was really quite peon
But as a general rule
He was too cool for school
As a result of whiffing Freon

Day 22, Poem 21 Saturday Morning, Circle K, Elvis and Me or The Great Peanut Butter and Banana Boondoggle

And then there was the time I met Elvis at the Circle K
or was it Marilyn at the carwash?
must have been Elvis since I don’t wash my car
and of all the menial bullshit jobs I’ve had I never worked at a carwash.
so me and Elvis are sharing a single Big Gulp
or whatever they sell at Circle K that’s like a Big Gulp.
snd he’s Bogarting it like a mother jumper.
speaking of jumpers, that fat fuck is wearing a white leather jumpsuit circa 1966.
and it’s like 1990 fer Christ sake.
then we start in on the Boone’s Farm.
by the time noon rolls around we’re shit faced and bumming money.
me and Freakin’ Elvis
finally he says to me, Where are the girls, man
and I’m like, E, dude it’s noon and
we’re drunk in front of a Circle K in Bartow
there ain’t no girls, this ain’t a movie, You ain’t Bill
and I’m damn sure not Ted.
and then
he starts to sing
like real sincere
and then
there’s a band
and he starts to move
and the people at the gas pumps notice us for the first time
and for a moment I feel like Bill Bixby
and girls…where the heck did they come from
he grab this one chick around the waist
and sings wise men say
she faints fer Christ’s sake
he kisses her cheek and she comes to
and races off in the crowd
where did the crowd come from
then he stops singing and says
thank you, thank you very much
takes the last swig of Country Kwencher
says son I’m going home and
nobody even notices him as he walks away